Molecular epidemiology of measles in India, 2005-2010.

  title={Molecular epidemiology of measles in India, 2005-2010.},
  author={Niteen S. Wairagkar and Deepika T Chowdhury and Sunil R Vaidya and Sarika Sikchi and Naseem Ahmad Shaikh and Laxman Hungund and Rajesh Singh Tomar and Dilip Kumar Biswas and Kapil Yadav and J. Mahanta and Vidya Nand Rabi Das and Prasanna N. Yergolkar and Palani Gunasekaran and Duraisamy Raja and Ramesh S. Jadi and Nalini Ramamurty and Akhilesh C. Mishra},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
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Measles is a childhood disease that causes great morbidity and mortality in India and worldwide. Because measles surveillance in India is in its infancy, there is a paucity of countrywide data on circulating Measles virus genotypes. This study was conducted in 21 of 28 States and 2 of 7 Union Territories of India by MeaslesNetIndia, a national network of 27 centers and sentinel practitioners. MeaslesNetIndia investigated 52 measles outbreaks in geographically representative areas from 2005… CONTINUE READING