Molecular epidemiology of human enteric caliciviruses in The Netherlands.

  title={Molecular epidemiology of human enteric caliciviruses in The Netherlands.},
  author={Marion P G Koopmans and J. Vinje and Erwin Duizer and Matty A S de Wit and Yvonne T H P van Duijnhoven},
  journal={Novartis Foundation symposium},
  pages={197-214; discussion 214-8}
Caliciviruses are among the most common causes of gastroenteritis in people of all age groups. These antigenetically and genetically diverse viruses have been grouped into two genera within the family Caliciviridae, designated Norwalk-like viruses (NLV) and Sapporo-like viruses (SLV). To gain more insight in their epidemiology, we have developed a tentative genotyping scheme, which was used to differentiate the viruses detected in a set of epidemiological studies. NLVs and SLVs were detected by… CONTINUE READING

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