Molecular dynamics study of bipolar tetraether lipid membranes.

  title={Molecular dynamics study of bipolar tetraether lipid membranes.},
  author={Wataru Shinoda and Keiko Shinoda and Teruhiko Baba and Masuhiro Mikami},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={89 5},
Membranes composed of bipolar tetraether lipids have been studied by a series of 25-ns molecular dynamics simulations to understand the microscopic structure and dynamics as well as membrane area elasticity. By comparing macrocyclic and acyclic tetraether and diether archaeal lipids, the effect of tail linkage of the two phytanyl-chained lipids on the membrane properties is elucidated. Tetraether lipids show smaller molecular area and lateral mobility. For the latter, calculated diffusion… CONTINUE READING

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