Molecular docking studies of natural compounds of naringin on enzymes involved in the urea cycle pathway in hyperammonemia

  title={Molecular docking studies of natural compounds of naringin on enzymes involved in the urea cycle pathway in hyperammonemia},
  author={Ramakrishnan Arumugam and Renuka Mani and Amalan Venkatesan and Senthilmurugan Sengamalai and Vijayakumar Natesan and S. Kim},
  journal={Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research},
Purpose: To investigate the anti-hyperammonemic activity of naringin by molecular docking via in silico studies.Methods: Urea cycle proteins were docked to the natural compound naringin as well as a standard drug, sodium benzoate. Hydrogen bonds and binding energy were obtained using Catalytic Site Atlas and Cast P Finder Software Tool.Results: There were six urea cycle enzymes, including N-acetyl glutamate synthase, carbamoyl phosphate synthase I, ornithine transcarbamylase, argininosuccinate… Expand

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