Molecular diversity and growth features of Flavobacterium columnare strains isolated in Finland.

  title={Molecular diversity and growth features of Flavobacterium columnare strains isolated in Finland.},
  author={L R Suomalainen and Heidi M T Kunttu and E. Tellervo Valtonen and Varpu Hirvel{\"a}-Koski and Marja Annika Tiirola},
  journal={Diseases of aquatic organisms},
  volume={70 1-2},
Columnaris disease caused by Flavobacterium columnare is a problem in fish farming worldwide. During the last 15 yr, outbreaks have started to emerge in Finland. Flavobacterium columnare Type Strain NCIMB 2248T and 30 Finnish F. columnare isolates were studied using analysis of 16S rDNA by restriction-fragment length polymorphism (16S RFLP), length heterogeneity analysis of polymerase chain reaction (LH-PCR) products, automated ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis (ARISA), and 16S rDNA sequence… CONTINUE READING
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