Molecular determinants of inactivation in voltage-gated Ca2+ channels.

  title={Molecular determinants of inactivation in voltage-gated Ca2+ channels.},
  author={Steffen Hering and Stanislav Berjukow and Stanislav Sokolov and Rainer Marksteiner and Regina G Weiss and Richard L. Kraus and Eugen N. Timin},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={528 Pt 2},
Evolution has created a large family of different classes of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and a variety of additional splice variants with different inactivation properties. Inactivation controls the amount of Ca2+ entry during an action potential and is, therefore, believed to play an important role in tissue-specific Ca2+ signalling. Furthermore, mutations in a neuronal Ca2+ channel (Ca(v)2.1) that are associated with the aetiology of neurological disorders such as familial hemiplegic migraine… CONTINUE READING