Molecular detection of Aichi virus in raw sewage in Italy

  title={Molecular detection of Aichi virus in raw sewage in Italy},
  author={Barbara Di Martino and Federica Di Profio and Chiara Ceci and Elisabetta Di Felice and Fulvio Marsilio},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
Aichi virus (AiV) is suspected to play a role in viral gastroenteritis in humans. In this study, we assessed the presence of AiV in untreated influent sewage samples collected at four wastewater treatment plants in central Italy. AiV was detected in 6 (12.5 %) of the 48 specimens and in all plants. All of the Italian strains showed the highest nucleotide and amino acid sequence identity to genotype B AiV detected recently in Asia, especially in China. 

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