Molecular cytogenetic analysis of recurrent unbalanced t(11;17) in neuroblastoma.

  title={Molecular cytogenetic analysis of recurrent unbalanced t(11;17) in neuroblastoma.},
  author={R. Stallings and P. Carty and L. McArdle and M. Mullarkey and M. McDermott and F. Breatnach and A. O’Meara},
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Loss of 11q material occurs in approximately 30% of advanced stage neuroblastoma and defines a distinct genetic subtype of this disease. These tumors almost always possess unbalanced gain of the 17q, along with many additional recurrent chromosomal imbalances. Loss of 11q and gain of 17q is often the consequence of an unbalanced translocation between the long arms of both chromosomes, but because of the involvement of other chromosomal mechanisms, the actual frequency of t(11;17) is unknown. In… Expand
Origin and functional significance of large-scale chromosomal imbalances in neuroblastoma
  • R. Stallings
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cytogenetic and Genome Research
  • 2007
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