Molecular cloning of the complete genome of reovirus serotype 3.

  title={Molecular cloning of the complete genome of reovirus serotype 3.},
  author={L William Cashdollar and R A Chmelo and Jordi Esparza and Grover Hudson and Wolfgang Karl Bill Joklik},
  volume={133 1},
All 10 genes of the Dearing strain of reovirus serotype 3 have been cloned in their entirety into pBR322. This has been proved by sequencing the terminal regions (50-100 residues long) of all 10 cloned genes; all such regions were found to be identical to the corresponding terminal regions of the double-stranded RNA genes that are present in reovirus particles. The lengths of the cloned reovirus genes were estimated by comparing their electrophoretic mobilities (and those of their PstI cleavage… CONTINUE READING
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