Molecular cloning of the S-antigen cDNA from bovine retina.

  title={Molecular cloning of the S-antigen cDNA from bovine retina.},
  author={Kunihiko Yamaki and Yoshiaki Takahashi and Sayuri Sakuragi and Kenichi Matsubara},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={142 3},
S-antigen is the major component of the soluble proteins in the retina and the pineal, and is thought to play a regulatory role in the visual cycle. It induces experimental autoimmune uveitis (E.A.U.) in various species of laboratory animals. We have cloned the cDNA of S-antigen from bovine retina, containing the entire coding region, and determined its nucleotide sequence. The sequence consists of a 1212 nucleotide region that specific the amino acid sequence, a 368 nucleotide 5' untranslated… CONTINUE READING


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