Molecular cloning of human ABPL, an actin-binding protein homologue.

  title={Molecular cloning of human ABPL, an actin-binding protein homologue.},
  author={Zhongwen Xie and Wenmin Xu and Earl W. Davie and Dominic W Chung},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={251 3},
Based on two partial cDNA sequences, a full-length cDNA sequence for an actin-binding like protein previously named ABPL has been isolated and characterized. ABPL is homologous to the human actin-binding proteins ABP-280 and ABP-278. The predicted sequence for ABPL is 2,705 amino acids in length with a calculated molecular mass of 289 kDa. It contains an amino terminal actin-binding domain followed by 24 tandem repeats of approximately 96 amino acids. Two hinge regions, Hinge I and Hinge II… CONTINUE READING