Molecular cloning of fragments of bacteriophage T4 DNA

  title={Molecular cloning of fragments of bacteriophage T4 DNA},
  author={Geoffrey G. Wilson and V. I. Tanyashin and Noreen E. Murray},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
Non-glucosylated T4 DNA was digested with R. EcoRI and the resulting fragments covalently joined to λ vectors. The genetic content of each λ-T4 hybrid was determined by marker-rescue tests. The isolation of many recombinants containing partialdigestion products of T4 DNA provided the overlapping sequences necessary to order fragments within the T4 genome. The present analyses include parts of the “early” region between genes 42 and 46, and much of the “late” region between genes 50 and 29. T4… CONTINUE READING

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