Molecular cloning of chicken FTZ-F1-related orphan receptors.

  title={Molecular cloning of chicken FTZ-F1-related orphan receptors.},
  author={Toshiyuki Kudo and Shizuyo Sutou},
  volume={197 1-2},
FTZ-F1 is a member of the orphan nuclear receptors, which belongs to the steroid hormone receptor superfamily, and plays a role in the blastoderm and nervous system development in Drosophila. Recently, several FTZ-F1 family genes have been cloned in several species. SF-1/Ad4BPs have been identified as master regulators controlling steroidogenic P-450 genes in mammals and are considered to be the mammalian homologues of FTZ-F1. Moreover, SF-1/Ad4BP plays a critical role in the sexual… CONTINUE READING
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