Molecular cloning and structure of the human (GABATHG) GABA transporter gene.

  title={Molecular cloning and structure of the human (GABATHG) GABA transporter gene.},
  author={Dominic Man-Kit Lam and Jian Fei and Xue - Yan Zhang and Anthony CW Tam and Li Hua Zhu and Fang Huang and Steven C. King and Li He Guo},
  journal={Brain research. Molecular brain research},
  volume={19 3},
A cDNA molecule encoding the human GABA transporter was synthesized by means of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique and used as probe for selecting a human genomic DNA fragment encoding GABA transporter. A positive clone harboring the whole gene was obtained from a human lymphocyte genomic library through utilizing the genomic 'walking' technique. The clone, designated as pHGAT, harbours a DNA fragment of about 39 kb in length inserted into the BamHI site in cosmid pWE15. The gene covers… CONTINUE READING