Molecular cloning, expression, and activity of zebrafish semaphorin Z1a.

  title={Molecular cloning, expression, and activity of zebrafish semaphorin Z1a.},
  author={Christina Yee and Anand Chandrasekhar and Mary C. Halloran and Wataru Shoji and James T. Warren and John Y. Kuwada},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={48 6},
Semaphorins/collapsins are a large family of secreted and cell surface molecules that are thought to guide growth cones to their targets. Although some members are clearly repulsive to specific growth cones in vitro, the in vivo role of many of these molecules in vertebrate embryos is still unclear. As a first step towards clarifying the in vivo role of semaphorins/collapsins, we analyzed semaZ1a in the simple and well-characterized zebrafish embryo. SemaZ1a is a secreted molecule that is… CONTINUE READING

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