Molecular characterization of polish blueberry red ringspot virus isolate


In this study, we determined the complete sequence of the genomic DNA of a Polish isolate of Blueberry red ringspot virus (BRRSV24) and compared it with a Czech (Darrow 5), and the US isolates of the virus and those of other Caulimoviridae family. The genomic DNA of BRRSV24 consists of 8,265 nucleotides and encodes eight open reading frames (ORFs). The sequence homologies of the eight ORFs of BRRSV24 were from 95 to 98% in respect of Darrow 5 and from 91 to 98% in respect of the US isolates at the amino acid level. This high level of amino acid sequence identity within the coding regions among the Czech, the US and Polish BRRSV isolates is suggestive of their common origin.

DOI: 10.1007/s11262-011-0679-4

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