Molecular characterization of de novo Ph+ AcuteMyeloid Leukemia

  title={Molecular characterization of de novo Ph+ AcuteMyeloid Leukemia},
  author={Sergej Naumovich Konoplev and C Cameron Yin and Steven M. Kornblau and Hagop M Kantarjian and Marina Y Konopleva and Michael Andreeff and Gary Lu and Zhuang Zuo and Rajyalakshmi Luthra and L Jeffrey Medeiros and Carlos E. Bueso-Ramos},
Philadelphia chromosome-positive (Ph+) AML is a controversial diagnosis, as others propose it represents CML in blast phase (CML-BP). NPM1 mutations occur in 25-35% of AML but are absent in CML patients. Conversely, ABL1 mutations occur in 25% of Imatinib-naive CML-BP but are not described in AML patients. We analyzed for NPM1 and ABL1 mutations in 9 Ph+ AML and 5 CML-BP patients initially presented in BP. In 6 Ph+ AML cases, we screened for a panel of gene mutations using Sequenome®-based… CONTINUE READING