Molecular characterization of alpha-thalassemia in Pakistan.

  title={Molecular characterization of alpha-thalassemia in Pakistan.},
  author={Shaheen N. Khan and Farrukh Hasan and Carla Sollaino and Luciana Perseu and S. Amer Riazuddin},
  volume={27 3},
Common alpha-thalassemia (thal) rearrangements were studied in a normal random population and in six ethnic groups of Pakistan. Analyses of 204 individuals from the normal population revealed the presence of only the -alpha(3.7) allele with an overall frequency of 8.3%. Ethnic differences were statistically significant for Pashtoon vs. Balochi (p < 0.0005) and Pashtoon vs. Sindhi (p < 0.002). Two hundred and eighty-five thalassemia patients were also studied to identify rare alpha-thal alleles… CONTINUE READING

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