Molecular characterization of adeno-associated viruses infecting children.

  title={Molecular characterization of adeno-associated viruses infecting children.},
  author={Chun-Liang Chen and Ryan L Jensen and Bruce C. Schnepp and Mary J. Connell and Richard Shell and Thomas Joseph Sferra and Jeffrey Bartlett and Kimberly R. Clark and Philip R. Johnson},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={79 23},
Although adeno-associated virus (AAV) infection is common in humans, the biology of natural infection is poorly understood. Since it is likely that many primary AAV infections occur during childhood, we set out to characterize the frequency and complexity of circulating AAV isolates in fresh and archived frozen human pediatric tissues. Total cellular DNA was isolated from 175 tissue samples including freshly collected tonsils (n = 101) and archived frozen samples representing spleen (n = 21… CONTINUE READING


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