Molecular characteristics of immunogenic cancer cell death

  title={Molecular characteristics of immunogenic cancer cell death},
  author={Antoine Tesni{\`e}re and Theocharis Panaretakis and Oliver Kepp and Lionel Apetoh and François Ghiringhelli and Laurence Zitvogel and Guido Kroemer},
  journal={Cell Death and Differentiation},
Apoptotic cell death is initiated by a morphologically homogenous entity that was considered to be non-immunogenic and non-inflammatory in nature. However, recent advances suggest that apoptosis, under certain circumstances, can be immunogenic. In particular, some characteristics of the plasma membrane, acquired at preapoptotic stage, can cause immune effectors to recognize and attack preapoptotic tumor cells. The signals that mediate the immunogenicity of tumor cells involve elements of the… CONTINUE READING
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