Molecular characteristics and functional diversity of CLCA family members.

  title={Molecular characteristics and functional diversity of CLCA family members.},
  author={Bendicht U. Pauli and Mossaad Abdel-Ghany and Hung-Chi Cheng and Achim D Gruber and Heidi Archibald and Randolph C Elble},
  journal={Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology},
  volume={27 11},
1. In the present brief review, we describe some of the molecular and functional characteristics of a novel mammalian family of putative Ca2+-activated chloride channels (CLCA). 2. So far, two bovine (bCLC1; bCLCA2 (Lu-ECAM-1)), three mouse (mCLCA1; mCLCA2; mCLCA3) and four human (hCLCA1; hCLCA2; hCLCA3; hCLCA4) CLCA family members have been cloned. Each CLCA exhibits a distinct, often overlapping, tissue expression pattern. 3. With the exception of the truncated secreted hCLCA3, all CLCA… CONTINUE READING


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