Molecular beam epitaxial growth of high‐purity AlGaAs

  title={Molecular beam epitaxial growth of high‐purity AlGaAs},
  author={John E. Cunningham and Won Tien Tsang and Teresa Chiu and Erdmann F. Schubert},
  • John E. Cunningham, Won Tien Tsang, +1 author Erdmann F. Schubert
  • Published 1987
  • Physics
  • We report molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth of AlGaAs in the previously unexplored temperature range exceeding 800 °C for which excellent material can be achieved. Photoluminescence reveals bound excitonic linewidth as sharp as 3.6 meV, which is among the narrowest ever reported for material of equivalent Al mole fraction. In this temperature range carbon impurity concentrations are found to be dramatically reduced while temperature‐dependent data provide information from which an… CONTINUE READING

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