Molecular basis of estrogen regulation of Hageman factor XII gene expression.

  title={Molecular basis of estrogen regulation of Hageman factor XII gene expression.},
  author={Antonella Farsetti and Silvia Misiti and Franca Citarella and Aldo Felici and Mario Andreoli and Antonio Fantoni and Ada Sacchi and Alfredo Pontecorvi},
  volume={136 11},
Estrogen therapy has been reported to cause multiple alterations in hemostasis and to increase blood levels of several procoagulants, including Hageman factor [factor XII (FXII)]. Liver FXII gene expression has been investigated in ovariectomized rats, treated or not with 17 beta-estradiol. A 6-fold stimulation of FXII gene transcription was observed in treated compared to untreated animals, indicating that 17 beta-estradiol is able to induce FXII gene expression in vivo. We have recently shown… CONTINUE READING


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