Molecular basis for the interaction of histamine with the histamine H2 receptor.

  title={Molecular basis for the interaction of histamine with the histamine H2 receptor.},
  author={Ira Gantz and John Delvalle and L D Wang and Tomoko Tashiro and Gerd Munzert and Yan Guo and Yoshitaka Konda and Tsuyoshi Yamada},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={267 29},
We undertook these studies to characterize the molecular basis of the interaction of histamine with the H2 receptor. Key areas of homology in the structures of the histamine H2 and beta 2 adrenergic receptor suggested specific transmembrane amino acids that might be important for binding of histamine. A third transmembrane aspartic acid of the histamine receptor (Asp98), thought to serve as a counter anion that interacts with the cationic amine moiety of histamine, was mutated to Asn98, and the… CONTINUE READING

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