Molecular basis for the glyphosate‐insensitivity of the reaction of 5‐enolpyruvylshikimate 3‐phosphate synthase with shikimate

  title={Molecular basis for the glyphosate‐insensitivity of the reaction of 5‐enolpyruvylshikimate 3‐phosphate synthase with shikimate},
  author={Melanie A. Priestman and M. Healy and T. Funke and A. Becker and E. Sch{\"o}nbrunn},
  journal={FEBS Letters},
The shikimate pathway enzyme 5‐enolpyruvyl shikimate‐3‐phosphate synthase (EPSP synthase) has received attention in the past because it is the target of the broad‐spectrum herbicide glyphosate. The natural substrate of EPSP synthase is shikimate‐3‐phosphate. However, this enzyme can also utilize shikimate as substrate. Remarkably, this reaction is insensitive to inhibition by glyphosate. Crystallographic analysis of EPSP synthase from Escherichia coli, in complex with shikimate/glyphosate at 1… Expand
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