Molecular and phytochemical systematics of the subtribe Hypochaeridinae (Asteraceae, Cichorieae)

  title={Molecular and phytochemical systematics of the subtribe Hypochaeridinae (Asteraceae, Cichorieae)},
  author={Neela Enke and Birgit Gemeinholzer and Christian Zidorn},
  journal={Organisms Diversity \& Evolution},
  pages={1 - 16}
The systematics of the Hypochaeridinae subtribe was re-evaluated based on a combination of published and new molecular data. Newly found clades were additionally characterized using published and new phytochemical data. In addition to flavonoids and sesquiterpene lactones, which had been reviewed recently as chemosystematic markers in the Cichorieae, we analysed the reported occurrences of caffeic acid derivatives and their potential as chemosystematic markers. Our molecular results required… 

Leontodon and Scorzoneroides (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) in Italy

Apart from a discussion of changes in nomenclature and taxon delimitation, identification keys are presented to distinguish between the genera Leontodon and Scorzoneroides, and to identify their Italian members.

Molecular phylogenetics, historical biogeography and character evolution in Dyckia (Bromeliaceae, Pitcairnioideae)

The results suggest that hybridization and introgression have played a significant role in the evolution of Dyckia, however, the AFLP data showed stronger support for terminal nodes, and provided deeper insights into the infrageneric relationships, the correlation between species groups, morphological aspects and geographical distribution.

Molecular Phylogeny of the Lactuca Alliance (Cichorieae Subtribe Lactucinae, Asteraceae) with Focus on Their Chinese Centre of Diversity Detects Potential Events of Reticulation and Chloroplast Capture

An improved species level taxonomy of the Chinese Lactucinae is outlined; new synonymies and some new combinations are provided and it is concluded that the major lineages revealed are best treated at generic rank.

Bioprospecting of plant natural products in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) I: chemodiversity of the Cichorieae tribe (Asteraceae) in Schleswig-Holstein

  • C. Zidorn
  • Environmental Science
    Phytochemistry Reviews
  • 2019
A series of dedicated articles assessing the chemical diversity of plant taxa, native and naturalized, in the region of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, finds that there is only a limited biodiversity with about 1500 species of higher plants growing in the wild.


This revision provides a description of the genus and the species, a taxonomic key, and information about their chorology, ecology, phenology and chromosome numbers, as well as distribution maps of each species.

Micromorphology and anatomy in systematics of Asteraceae. An old-fashioned approach?

This review paper addressed the issue of are molecular data exclusively a primary and self-sufficient approach in taxonomic research of plants, and showed that morphological, micromorphological and anatomical data are extremely important in systematics.

Sesquiterpene Lactones and Phenolics from Roots of Leontodon hispidus subsp. hispidus

The phytochemical investigation on roots of Leontodon hispidus L. subsp. hispidus, led to the isolation of nine sesquiterpene lactones including two eudesmanolides of santamarine type and three