Molecular and morphological evidence for the delimitation of Xylaria hypoxylon.

  title={Molecular and morphological evidence for the delimitation of Xylaria hypoxylon.},
  author={Derek Per{\vs}oh and Martina Melcher and Katrin Graf and Jacques Jean-Alain Michael Fournier and Marc Stadler and Gerhard Rambold},
  volume={101 2},
Xylaria hypoxylon, the type species of Xylaria (Xylariaceae, Sordariomycetes), was first described by Linnaeus as Clavaria hypoxylon from Sweden. Saccardo and other mycologists assumed a cosmopolitan distribution for this species. However, contradictory reports in the literature on its morphoanatomical characters and strongly inconsistent rDNA sequence data attributed to this species in GenBank suggested the existence of an unresolved species complex. To address this lack of clarity, molecular… CONTINUE READING
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