Molecular and karyological aspects of Batoidea (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchi) phylogeny.

  title={Molecular and karyological aspects of Batoidea (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchi) phylogeny.},
  author={Lucia Rocco and Innocenza Liguori and Domenico Costagliola and Maria Alessandra Morescalchi and Fausto Tinti and Vincenzo Stingo},
  volume={389 1},
Although considerable progress has been made in elucidating the relationships within the Chondrichthyes, there is no agreement as it concerns the systematics of Batoidea, the most derived superorder among cartilaginous fishes, and many different interpretations exist. Our investigation provides the first assessment of relationships among the described batoid species using sequences from both mtDNA and nuclear genes as well as karyological morphology. Our work consists primarily in… CONTINUE READING
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