Molecular and functional signature of heart hypertrophy during pregnancy.

  title={Molecular and functional signature of heart hypertrophy during pregnancy.},
  author={Mansoureh Eghbali and Rupal Deva and Abderrahmane Alioua and Tamara Y Minosyan and Hongmei Ruan and Yibin Wang and Ligia Toro and Enrico Stefani},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={96 11},
During pregnancy, the heart develops a reversible physiological hypertrophic growth in response to mechanical stress and increased cardiac output; however, underlying molecular mechanisms remain unknown. Here, we investigated pregnancy-related changes in heart structure, function, and gene expression of known markers of pathological hypertrophy and cell stretching in mice hearts. In late pregnancy, hearts show eccentric hypertrophy, as expected for a response to volume overload, with normal… CONTINUE READING
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