Molecular and expression characterization of a nanos1 homologue in Chinese sturgeon, Acipenser sinensis.


The nanos gene family was essential for germ line development in diverse organisms. In the present study, the full-length cDNA of a nanos1 homologue in A. sinensis, Asnanos1, was isolated and characterized. The cDNA sequence of Asnanos1 was 1489 base pairs (bp) in length and encoded a peptide of 228 amino acid residues. Multiple sequence alignment showed that the zinc-finger motifs of Nanos1 were highly conserved in vertebrates. By RT-PCR analysis, Asnanos1 mRNAs were ubiquitously detected in all tissues examined except for the fat, including liver, spleen, heart, ovary, kidney, muscle, intestines, pituitary, hypothalamus, telencephalon, midbrain, cerebellum, and medulla oblongata. Moreover, a specific polyclonal antibody was prepared from the in vitro expressed partial AsNanos1 protein. Western blot analysis revealed that the tissue expression pattern of AsNanos1 was not completely coincided with that of its mRNAs, which was not found in fat, muscle and intestines. Additionally, by immunofluoresence localization, it was observed that AsNanos1 protein was in the cytoplasm of primary oocytes and spermatocytes. The presented results indicated that the expression pattern of Asnanos1 was differential conservation and divergence among diverse species.

DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2012.09.005
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