Molecular and biochemical analyses of OsRab7, a rice Rab7 homolog.

  title={Molecular and biochemical analyses of OsRab7, a rice Rab7 homolog.},
  author={Min Yeop Nahm and Sam Woong Kim and Daejin Yun and Sang Yeol Lee and Moo Je Cho and Jeong Dong Bahk},
  journal={Plant & cell physiology},
  volume={44 12},
Rab7 is a small GTP-binding protein important in early to late endosome/lysosome vesicular transport in mammalian cells. We have isolated a Rab7 cDNA clone, OsRab7, from a cold-treated rice cDNA library by the subtraction screening method. The cDNA encodes a polypeptide of 206 amino acids with a calculated molecular mass of about 23 kDa. Its predicted amino acid sequence shows significantly high identity with the sequences of other Rab7 proteins. His-tagged OsRab7 bound to radiolabeled… CONTINUE READING


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