Molecular and Crystal Structures of Two Diastereomeric 3,4‐Dihydropyrromethenones.

  title={Molecular and Crystal Structures of Two Diastereomeric 3,4‐Dihydropyrromethenones.},
  author={Christoph Kratky and Heinz Falk and Ulrich Zrunek},
The molecular and crystal structures of the two racemic diastereomeric 3,4-dihydropyrromethenone derivatives1 and2 of configurations (Z) and (E) were determined at 93 K (1, 2) and at room temperature (1). From an analysis of the crystallographically observed temperature coefficients a pseudorotation flexibility of the pyrrolidinone ring in the crystal is deduced. In both compounds a nearly orthogonal arrangement between the two heterocyclic ring systems is observed, which is ascribed to the… CONTINUE READING