Molecular analysis of the DLA DR region.

  title={Molecular analysis of the DLA DR region.},
  author={John L. Wagner and Robert C. Burnett and Rainer F Storb},
  journal={Tissue antigens},
  volume={48 5},
The dog is an important model for studying organ transplantation. In order to develop a DNA-based typing system, a genomic analysis of the canine DR region of the MHC was undertaken. Southern analysis suggests the presence of two DRB genes in most dogs and all have one DRA gene. One dog out of 200 examined contains only one DRB gene. The DRA gene was mapped in one lambda phage clone. One DRB gene (DRBB1) was localized to two overlapping phage clones. Another DRB gene (DRBB2) was localized to… CONTINUE READING