Molecular analysis of the Aedes aegypti carboxypeptidase gene family.

  title={Molecular analysis of the Aedes aegypti carboxypeptidase gene family.},
  author={Jun Isoe and Jorge Zamora and Roger L. Miesfeld},
  journal={Insect biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={39 1},
To gain a better understanding of coordinate regulation of protease gene expression in the mosquito midgut, we undertook a comprehensive molecular study of digestive carboxypeptidases in Aedes aegypti. Through a combination of cDNA cloning using degenerate PCR primers, and database mining of the recently completed A. aegypti genome, we cloned and characterized 18 A. aegypti carboxypeptidase genes. Bioinformatic analysis revealed that 11 of these genes belong to the carboxypeptidase A family… CONTINUE READING