Molecular analysis of region t(5;6)(q21;q21) in Wilms tumor.

  title={Molecular analysis of region t(5;6)(q21;q21) in Wilms tumor.},
  author={Chris K Bruce and Peter Howard and Norma J. Nowak and Paul R. Hoban},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={141 2},
We have previously described the physical localization of a constitutional t(5;6)(q21;q21) in a patient (tumor cell sample designated as MA214) with bilateral Wilms tumor (WT). We have now physically refined the breakpoints and identified putative gene targets within this region. The translocation breakpoints are contained within a 2.5-Mbp region on 5q21 containing four candidate genes and a 1.3-Mbp region on 6q21 that contains three candidate genes. To explore the role of this region in WT… CONTINUE READING