Molecular analysis of an XY mare with gonadal dysgenesis.

  title={Molecular analysis of an XY mare with gonadal dysgenesis.},
  author={Eric A. Pailhoux and Edmond Paul Cribiu and Pietro Parma and Corinne Cotinot},
  volume={122 2},
In this study, cytogenetic analysis of an infertile mare revealed a 64, XY karyotype. The XY sex-reversed animal had a female phenotype with gonadal dysgenesis. Using Southern blot analysis, we tested for the presence of two Y-specific genes SRY and ZFY by using DNA isolated from peripheral blood leukocytes. The results showed that at least the DNA-binding domain of the SRY gene was deleted from the Y chromosome of the XY mare but that the ZFY gene was present on this chromosome.