Molecular advances in pretargeting radioimunotherapy with bispecific antibodies.

  title={Molecular advances in pretargeting radioimunotherapy with bispecific antibodies.},
  author={C H Chang and Robert M Sharkey and Edmund A. Rossi and Habibe Karacay and William J H Mcbride and H. J. Hansen and J. Chatal and Jacques Barbet and David M. Goldenberg},
  journal={Molecular cancer therapeutics},
  volume={1 7},
The use of antibodies against tumor-associated cell surface antigens for the targeted delivery of radionuclides was introduced >20 years ago. Although encouraging results have been achieved with radiolabeled antibodies in the management of hematopoietic malignancies, there remains a need for successfully treating solid tumors with this modality. One promising approach involving pretargeted delivery of radionuclides has been shown to be capable of significantly increasing the radioactive uptake… CONTINUE READING

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