Molecular X-ray computed tomography of myelin in a rat brain

  title={Molecular X-ray computed tomography of myelin in a rat brain},
  author={Torben H. Jensen and Martin Bech and Oliver Bunk and Andreas Menzel and Audrey Bouchet and Geraldine LeDuc and Robert Feidenhans'l and Franz Pfeiffer},
  volume={57 1},
In this work we demonstrate the feasibility of applying small-angle X-ray scattering computed tomography (SAXS-CT) for non-invasive molecular imaging of myelin sheaths in a rat brain. Our results show that the approach yields information on several quantities, including the relative myelin concentration, its periodicity, the total thickness of the myelin sheaths, and the relative concentration of cytoskeletal neurofilaments. For example the periodicity of the myelin sheaths varied in the range… CONTINUE READING