Molecular Structures of Transcribing RNA Polymerase I

  title={Molecular Structures of Transcribing RNA Polymerase I},
  author={Lucas Tafur and Yashar Sadian and Niklas A. Hoffmann and Arjen J Jakobi and Rene Wetzel and Wim J H Hagen and Carsten Sachse and Christoph W M{\"u}ller},
  booktitle={Molecular cell},
RNA polymerase I (Pol I) is a 14-subunit enzyme that solely synthesizes pre-ribosomal RNA. Recently, the crystal structure of apo Pol I gave unprecedented insight into its molecular architecture. Here, we present three cryo-EM structures of elongating Pol I, two at 4.0 Å and one at 4.6 Å resolution, and a Pol I open complex at 3.8 Å resolution. Two modules in Pol I mediate the narrowing of the DNA-binding cleft by closing the clamp domain. The DNA is bound by the clamp head and by the… CONTINUE READING