Molecular Simulations Suggest a Force-Dependent Mechanism of Vinculin Activation.

  title={Molecular Simulations Suggest a Force-Dependent Mechanism of Vinculin Activation.},
  author={Li Sun and Jeffrey K. Noel and Herbert Levine and Jos{\'e} N. Onuchic},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={113 8},
Focal adhesions are dynamic constructs at the leading edge of migrating cells, linking them to the extracellular matrix and enabling force sensing and transmission. The lifecycle of a focal adhesion is a highly coordinated process involving spatial and temporal variations of protein composition, interaction, and cellular tension. The assembly of focal adhesions requires the recruitment and activation of vinculin. Vinculin is present in the cytoplasm in an autoinhibited conformation in which its… CONTINUE READING
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