Molecular Scanner

  title={Molecular Scanner},
  author={J. King and WILLIAM R. Bigas},
WE report here the development of a molecular scanner, a device that yields information about the spatial variations in emission of neutral atoms or molecules from the surface of a heterogeneous sample. We believe that such instruments may be of great value in science and engineering, but we envisage a more refined apparatus. Here we merely describe the principle. We report the variation in evaporation in a scan across a sample consisting of alumina fragments embedded in potassium feldspar… Expand
Perspectives for mass spectrometry and functional proteomics.
The table below summarizes the key findings of the second round of the 2016 Fifa Under-20 World Cup qualifier between Russia and the United States, which resulted in a 3-1 aggregate victory for Russia. Expand
The effects of exercise training on cardiac and peripheral function in men and women
It is concluded that endurance training with exercise intensities 75 % HRR are needed to induce changes in cardiac function, and no discemable cardiovascular sex-specific differences in either young or older people after either interval or continuous exercise training. Expand