Molecular Recognition of Lipid Antigens by T Cell Receptors

  title={Molecular Recognition of Lipid Antigens by T Cell Receptors },
  author={Ethan P. Grant and Massimo Degano and Jean-Pierre Rosat and Steffen Stenger and Robert L Modlin and Coralie Wilson and Steven Anthony Porcelli and Michael B Brenner},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={195 - 205}
The T cell antigen receptor (TCR) mediates recognition of peptide antigens bound in the groove of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. This dual recognition is mediated by the complementarity-determining residue (CDR) loops of the alpha and beta chains of a single TCR which contact exposed residues of the peptide antigen and amino acids along the MHC alpha helices. The recent description of T cells that recognize hydrophobic microbial lipid antigens has challenged immunologists to… CONTINUE READING


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