Molecular Phylogenetics of the Buteonine Birds of Prey (Accipitridae)

  title={Molecular Phylogenetics of the Buteonine Birds of Prey (Accipitridae)},
  author={Heather R. L. Lerner and Matthew C. Klaver and D. P. Mindell},
Abstract Phylogenetic relationships among birds of prey in the subfamily Buteoninae are not fully established but are of particular interest because the Buteoninae constitute one of the largest accipitrid subgroups and include multiple species of conservation concern. Genera previously included within the Buteoninae are Buteo, Leucopternis, Buteogallus, Harpyhaliaetus, Busarellus, Parabuteo, Geranoaetus, Geranospiza, Ictinia, Rostrhamus, Kaupifalco, and Butastur. We analyzed representatives… CONTINUE READING
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