Molecular Oxygen in the Nearest QSO Mrk 231

  title={Molecular Oxygen in the Nearest QSO Mrk 231},
  author={Jun-zhi Wang and Dalei Li and Paul F. Goldsmith and Zhi-yu Zhang and Yu Gao and Yong Shi and Shanghuo Li and Min Fang and Juan Li and Jiangshui Zhang},
  • Jun-zhi Wang, Dalei Li, +7 authors Jiangshui Zhang
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • We report the detection of an emission feature at the 12 sigma level with FWHM line width of about 450 km/s toward the nearest quasi-stellar object, QSO Mrk 231. Based on observations with the IRAM 30 m telescope and the NOEMA Interferometer, the 11-10 transition of molecular oxygen is the likely origin of line with rest frequency close to 118.75 GHz. The velocity of the O2 emission in Mrk 231 coincides with the red wing seen in CO emission, suggesting that it is associated with the outflowing… CONTINUE READING

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