Molecular Nanomagnets

  title={Molecular Nanomagnets},
  author={D. Hendrickson and G. Christou and H. Ishimoto and Jae Yoo and E. K. Brechin and A. Yamaguchi and E. Rumberger and S. Aubin and Zimming Sun and G. Arom{\'i}},
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Quantum mechanical tunneling of the direction of magnetization is discussed for several examples of single-molecule magnets (SMM's). Magnetization tunneling is described for two crystallographically different forms of [Mn 12 O 12 (O 2 CC 6 H 4 - p -Me) 16 (H 2 O) 4 ] solvate. The two Mn 12 complexes are isomers. The magnetization versus magnetic field hysteresis loops are quite different for the two isomeric Mn 12 complexes. One Mn 12 complex exhibits a magnetization hysteresis loop that is… Expand
Magnetic bistability of isolated giant-spin centers in a diamagnetic crystalline matrix.
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