Molecular Motions of the Outer Ring of Charge of the Sodium Channel

  title={Molecular Motions of the Outer Ring of Charge of the Sodium Channel},
  author={Wei Xiong and Ronald A. Li and Yanli Tian and Gordon F. Tomaselli},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={323 - 332}
In contrast to fast inactivation, the molecular basis of sodium (Na) channel slow inactivation is poorly understood. It has been suggested that structural rearrangements in the outer pore mediate slow inactivation of Na channels similar to C-type inactivation in potassium (K) channels. We probed the role of the outer ring of charge in inactivation gating by paired cysteine mutagenesis in the rat skeletal muscle Na channel (rNav1.4). The outer charged ring residues were substituted with cysteine… CONTINUE READING
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