Molecular KCNQ 2 Is a Nodal K Channel

  title={Molecular KCNQ 2 Is a Nodal K Channel},
  author={J{\'e}r{\^o}me J. Devaux and Kleopas A Kleopa and Edward C. Cooper and Steven S. Scherer},
Mutations in the gene encoding the K channel KCNQ2 cause neonatal epilepsy and myokymia, indicating that KCNQ2 regulates the excitability of CNS neurons and motor axons, respectively. We show here that KCNQ2 channels are functional components of axon initial segments and nodes of Ranvier, colocalizing with ankyrin-G and voltage-dependent Na channels throughout the CNS and PNS. Retigabine, which opens KCNQ channels, diminishes axonal excitability. Linopirdine, which blocks KCNQ channels… CONTINUE READING


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