Molecular Impurities as a Realization of Anyons on the Two-Sphere.

  title={Molecular Impurities as a Realization of Anyons on the Two-Sphere.},
  author={M. Brooks and Mikhail Lemeshko and Douglas Lundholm and Enderalp Yakaboylu},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 1},
Studies on the experimental realization of two-dimensional anyons in terms of quasiparticles have been restricted, so far, to only anyons on the plane. It is known, however, that the geometry and topology of space can have significant effects on quantum statistics for particles moving on it. Here, we have undertaken the first step toward realizing the emerging fractional statistics for particles restricted to move on the sphere instead of on the plane. We show that such a model arises naturally… 

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