Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Bars of Nearby Spiral Galaxies

  title={Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Bars of Nearby Spiral Galaxies},
  author={Kartik Sheth and Stuart N. Vogel and Michael W. Regan and Peter J. Teuben and Andrew I. Harris and Michele D. Thornley},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
We compare the distribution of molecular gas and star formation activity in the bar region of six spirals (NGC 2903, 3627, 4321, 5457, 6946, and IC 342) from the BIMA Survey of Nearby Galaxies. The molecular gas, traced using the CO (J = 1–0) emission line, is brightest along the leading edge of the stellar bar in the bar dust lanes. The star formation activity, traced using the Hα emission line, is offset toward the leading side of the CO emission. A cross-correlation analysis shows that (1… Expand

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