Molecular Evolution of the Lysine Biosynthetic Pathways

  title={Molecular Evolution of the Lysine Biosynthetic Pathways 
  author={A. M. Velasco and J. Leguina and A. Lazcano},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Evolution},
Among the different biosynthetic pathways found in extant organisms, lysine biosynthesis is peculiar because it has two different anabolic routes. One is the diaminopimelic acid pathway (DAP), and the other over the a-aminoadipic acid route (AAA). A variant of the AAA route that includes some enzymes involved in arginine and leucine biosyntheses has been recently reported in Thermus thermophilus (Nishida et al. 1999). Here we describe the results of a detailed genomic analysis of each of the… Expand
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